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Up to 6 years old a child  learns the language naturally. It learns the native language automatically, soaks it like a sponge with water.  He can learn another language at the same time and with the same ease. A child immersed in a foreign language will absorb all its subtleties, happily not knowing that there are any grammatical complexities. The great potential of a child at this age allows him to open up to a foreign language, even when it is not used at home.

The brain of a preschool child is extremely plastic. New neurons and connections are formed all the time. (...) it is very important what you are interested in as a child, how you spend your free time and what they teach you. The first years of education affect how your brain will function in the future and what you will be good at (...)  prof. Jerzy Vetulani, Alice's Dream or how the brain works

The sooner your child starts learning a second language, the better. Bilingual children have more gray matter in the frontal and parietal cortex than those who speak one language. This, in turn, allows them to better perform tasks that require focus and attention. For all this, they have better   memory!

It is well known that children need freedom, exercise and fresh air. Under such conditions, there is no need to distinguish between learning and playing. At their own pace, each child will learn what they need for their development. The second language will only be an addition to everyday life.

What languages do we use in kindergarten?

There are three languages in the kindergarten. French, Polish and language  English. Children stay and learn in the presence of two tutors  French-speaking and the other Polish. Each of them speaks to children in their native language, and we try to use the language that the child learns  dominated in communication. 

Additionally, in kindergarten, take place  there will be regular additional English language lessons.  

Why French?

French is a grammatically complex language that may take a long time for an older child to master. Knowing French, children can easily learn new ones, often simpler in terms of pronunciation and grammar. 

We are convinced that enabling a child to learn another language and express himself in it is one of the best gifts we can give him. Fluency in the language is not only effective communication, but also openness to the diversity of the world, cultures, and other ways of thinking and seeing the reality around us.


French is spoken by over 200 million people on 5 continents. There are 68 francophone countries all over the world.

French is the international language of fashion, cuisine, theater, visual arts, dance and architecture. It is the official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the Red Cross and many other international institutions. French is also the official language of the European institutions. Learning French is helpful in learning other foreign languages, especially Romance (English, which has borrowed 50% of modern vocabulary from French) as well as  Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian).

“One language puts you in the corridor of life. Two languages open every door on the way. "  - Frank Smith



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