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Date:  9/06/2018
Day of the week: Saturday

  9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

We invite all interested parents and children to our forest base.

You will be able to play in the mud kitchen, go for a walk in the forest, drink lemonade, chat and run outdoors as much as you want. 

Address: Warszawa Wawer, Międzylesie station, 

ul. Świebodzińska 3-5 (side street Patriotów)


Nous invitons parents et enfants intéressés à venir visiter notre terrain forestier. Au cours de la journée, vous pourrez préparer des gâteaux de boue dans notre cuisine, aller vous promener en forêt, boire de la limonade, discuter, courir et profiter du grand air. 

Address: Varsovie - Wawer - gare de Miedzylesie, rue Świebodzińska 3-5 (rue latérale à la rue Patriotów)


Are you interested in visiting our forest base? We're inviting all parents and children to an information day. You can spend the day outside, enjoying the fresh air, taking walks in the forest, drinking lemonade and just talking - or playing in the mud kitchen and roaming with the kids. 

Our address: Warszawa Wawer, Międzylesie station, ul. Świebodzińska 3-5 (right by ul. Patriotów).

tel. (pol, english) 791 28 28 28 (fr) 532 366 016

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